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San Diego, CA... part deux

Now, I would be lying if I told you my reason for coming to San Diego was for anything other than getting trashed. So I'll spare you the heroics and tell you about how I spent my Friday night sinning and converting others to the magic that is John and Marlena.

Me and my posse of good looking heathens decided to hit up a cool little joint called the Air Conditioned lounge. Now from the outside, it would appear to be a hole in the wall dive bar, but the inside is quite another story. It's the kind of place where aging hipsters, art brats, chilled out intellectuals, and other cool kids who don't mind a little pre thriller Michael Jackson mixed in with their new wave and their hip hop, and the perfect place to make new friends. We waited in line for a bit, but not long and not before I got carded! I think I look 21, don't you? Clearly the bouncer didn't think so, but we got that settled.

The male members of my entourage enjoyed using me as bait to lure hot chicks. One favorite pick up line of the night was "Hey, would you like to pet my gnome?" Needless to say, I was played with quite a bit. Many a love connection was made. And many a drink was consumed. All in all, I have to say it was a fabulous night. We topped it off with a little early morning Denny's where I had strawberry waffles, extra whipped cream. Had to pay my respects to John and Marlena, you know.

I'm still recovering from the fun, but it was well worth it.

PS: Hot dogs at 7-11 are yummy. But that may be the booze talking.

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