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Los Angeles, CA ... the sequel

So here I am, back in the city of angels. First things first, more tanning. I want to glow when I meet my beloved, la santa Deidre Hall. I went up to Malibu, played in the sand, was accosted by 2 fans who lived in one of the beachfront apartments, and was invited for lunch. I never turn down an afternoon beer.

Afterwards, I decided to pay homage to my favorite, yet adorabley cheesy and hilarious, video, the Deidre Hall bio. Some of it was filmed on the Santa Monica pier, so I thought I'd take a look around, something I didn't get a chance to do the first time I was in LA. I guess a lot of fellow John and Marlena fans hang out here, cus I was instantly mobbed! I tried to get away by taking one of the bicycles, but alas, my feet couldn't reach the pedals. My presence was obviously causing a stir, and the police came out to escort me from the premises. Damn the man! Can't a brutha get some love up in here?

The answer to that? YES

I had those officers eating out of the palm of my hand, as well as other friendly new friends. One of them even treated me to drink or 8. Miss Sundria, if you are reading this, please, I want you to have my babies. I miss you boo! Call me!

And then it happened, the main event. First I met Wayne Northrop, who's character Alex North was a crazy, but worthy opponent to my favorite couple. I know he's giving a thumbs down here, but I ran into him in the bathroom later, and we chatted bro to bro, and I know he secretly loves J&M. Don't deny your inner Jammer, Waaaayne!

Now, the events as they unfolded from this moment on are a little hazy, but I will try to recount them as best as I can. Oh who am I fucking kidding. I met Deidre Hall and I was putty in this gorgeous woman's hands. She touched my beer mug, you know. And then she signed my jeans. Because I'm awesome like that. Deidre had heard of my travels, and commended me on my bravery and perseverance. Yes, I am the shit. And in luuuurve.

Peace out, LA.

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