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Mikwaukee, WI

"Did you know God is a baseball fan?" Ah, the Pit...only the beauty of J&M could shine though all that dirt, but yes, not only is God a baseball fan, but he's also a J&M fan!

Milwaukee: where beer, baseball, and divine J&M lovin' all come together. I visited Miller Park, home of the Brewers and stood before the great Robin Yount. I just love that this town is so centered on it's brewed alcoholic beverages. Soon after, I was getting might thirsty. I hung out with some of the crew at the brewery and they were so excited to see me! They gave me a tour and everything. Woot! New converts! It was quite educational, I assure you. Did you know that the oldest known recipe in the world is for beer? And did you know that 12 beers later, I *still* don't think John and Kate are hot? So much for those beer goggles.

But alas, danger loomed in the air. When I went to see the great Lake Michigan, I was attacked by a massive swarm of seagulls! I don't understand why they'd want to hurt little ol' me! I'm just a peaceful woodland creature!

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