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My time in LA is winding down, so I figured I should get on that whole tourist thing (seeing as I am essentially the ultimate tourist) and get me and my sign down to Hollywood. As soon as I got there I was bombarded with signs that read "NoHo." An entire city that is anti Kate Roberts? Now this is my kind of place! This was further re-affirmed when I discovered an entire store named after me. The House of David. Oh, and I am also apparently Jewish.  Which means that Steven Spielberg will be knocking on my door to make a movie about my epic journey some time soon. I hear he's a J&M fan too, you know.

My time in Hollywood also marked another big "first" for me. Yes, that's right. My first time using public transportation! I even got my own special seat and everything. I guess some kind of creature will eat you if you are old and you sit here. But don't let my beard fool you, I'm still incredibly young and suave.

And you know, no stop is complete without a run in with the law, and this was no exception. The people on the metro were so excited to see me, I was causing such a stir! The police came to see what all the fuss was about, but as soon as they saw that it was me, they jumped right in and joined the posse. Officer Mario thinks I am the man. And you know, he's right. I am pretty awesome. But not as awesome as John & Marlena!

Me and my entourage of fly honeys got off the metro and took a peek at the hollywood walk of fame. No one terribley interesting, that is, until I came upon ... dun dun dun... my very own star! I was incredibly surprised, and speechless! I could tell it was new, because it still had that proverbial new car smell, and the tape hadn't even come off yet. As they say, it's not easy being a pimp, but it's definitely worth the rewards. I stood next to my star and took many a picture for passing international tourists. The J&M love is definitely global!

And thus concludes my trip through the ever vast city of Los Angeles.

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