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Chatsworth, CA

I saw Deidre in her bra!

A very appropriate experience since I am in the PORN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! It was very hot, and I nearly passed out. Well actually, I did pass out, and they had to do CPR and feed me an IV of margaritas (sugar free, carb free even!) to revive me. I will never forget that glorious sight. It is forever burned into my brain.

We tested out a brand new, just put together grill. We figured it would either blow us all up, or it would feed us some juicy burger goodness. Seeing as I am still alive, I think you can guess which one it did. It went really well with the 7 or so pitchers of margs we made. ;>

Seeing John & Marlena on a large 8 foot wall screen is also something to behold. I watched a series of very special editions, and felt very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful fandom.  On top of the luck I feel for getting to see Deidre in her bra, that is :D

Forgive the lack of photos in this entry. Much of the contents of this experience are confidential, and I would have to kill you if you knew what went on. Privileged posse info only, I'm afraid. ;>

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