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Beverly Hills, CA

Tonight's the big night! The Days of our Lives 40th anniversary seminar, which took place at the Museum of Television & Radio. I show up at about 5ish, and immediatley a swarm of awesome girls surround me. Turns out it was the ultra elite J&M posse, rocking their signature shirts. Alone, we are great sources of vocal power, but together, we became a force! A photographer named David Livingston from Gettyimages took our photos, but I am not sure if they have surfaced on their site as of yet. David was pretty stoked about share the same name as me. And why wouldn't he? It's an awesome name, just like me.

The seminar was all together a great experience. The cast was great, and the posse represented. But the after party is where it gets really hot. My first target was the man himself, Ken Corday. He took one look at me, and gave me a thumbs up. I always knew he was a J&M fan. It's so nice not to have false hope.

Next up was Stephanie Sloane, editor for Soap Opera Digest. She was lovin me! Sloane was very nice to talk to, and very lovely in person. She made my little gnome heart fuzzy. I even had a little present for her, which she was very happy to receieve. I hope she can do something with it ;>.

My last, but defintely not least, encounter was with the godfather (mother?) herself, Sheri Anderson. When I saw her, we all squealed. Yes, squealed. She was so delighted by the noise, she asked us to do it again, and we happily complied. I could not believe that the brain behind the greatest creation in all the universe was standing before me. It was quite awesome. I will never wash my sign again. This gnome would squeal for her any day. We love Sheri. Gnomes for Sheri! Bring her back to Days!

And on that note, the reception ended, but man was that a great note to end on. I was feelin the J&M love all over the place, and so much positivity. I would take that as a sign of many great things to come.

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