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I've finally arrived in San Diego, where it never rains, there's no mayor, and there's more mexican food than McDonalds restaurants. The weather is a nice change to the perpetual grey clouds up in norcal.

I know NBC loves youngins so my first stop was the UCSD campus, where I cajoled the ultra serious nerd-letes at the library to drop trou and have a little J&M fun. At first I thought it  was a spaceship, but I clearly was mistaken. No twins wrapped in tin foil were to be found, just a bunch of kids getting their study on. Then I met a crazy chicken god, and it told me I needed more beer (my mug was looking a little empty...) so I headed for a nice refill at Porter's Pub, and caught the current episode of DAYS on the wall mounted tele.

The weather was really nice out, so I decided it would be a good time to work on my tan. The ladies don't like pale gnomes. So I headed to La Jolla Shores for some sun and relaxation. It was very awesome, but I'm still finding sand places I'd rather not mention *shifty eyes.* I heard there was beach next to this one called Black's beach, and I thought that sounded like the perfect kind of place to recruit new J&M fans! But then I discovered it was actually a nude beach (how fitting! hehe), and like most steamy J&M scenes, those pics aren't going to make it past the censors ;>

Nicely rested, I decided to make my way into downtown San Diego, to pay me respects to the Horton fountain. The Horton's after all, are our friends. I also stopped by the NBC building, stole a few donuts, and wrote on the bathroom stalls about the greatness of J&M. NBC, you are lucky to have this couple!

By this time, quite a few people were starting to get aroused by my sign, and there were fangirls and fanboys crying and screaming in the streets of San Diego. There was such a commotion in fact, that the San Diego fire department had to be called in to hose them back! The converted were setting fire to trash cans, blocking traffic, looting packs of strawberries, and spraying weed killer everywhere! But after a nice shot of the hose, they were able to cool off, and I told them all to go home and watch the sacred chronicles of J&M (aka, tapes) to which they all happily complied. 

Realizing that I had successfully conquered San Diego, I knew it was time to leave. So I hopped onto another plane, and set a course for my next stop: Hawaii!

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